Jumbo® Packaged Mealworms
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Jumbo® Packaged Mealworms for fishing bait and as feeder insects, 24 per cup, or in cups of 100.


100 UPC:  67835810003 

24 UPC:   67835824003

Jumbo...The Live Bait That Lives Up To Its Name!®

Case of 50 cups of JumboŽ Mealworms!

Case of 18 cups of 100 JumboŽ Mealworms!

Genuine Jumbo® Brand Packaged Giant Mealworms are packed for shipment in wholesale cases. 3.25 ounce  poly cups with clear lids are used for each retail portion of 24 worms. 8 ounce hinged-lid clear poly cups are used for each retail portion of 100 worms. There are 50 cups of 24 count per case, and 18 hinged-lid cups of 100 count per case.

 Quality graded bran millings provide maximum shelf life and attractive presentation.

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JumboŽ USA! Produced and packaged in the USA!

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Case of 50
24 count cups:


Case of 18

100 count cups:



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