Jumbo® Packaged Mealworms - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Shipments made via ground shipping on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday only depending upon distance.  Shipping day determination to result in delivery before the weekend.  Orders received late in the week will be held until the following Monday to facilitate timely delivery and avoid weekend layover in transit. In addition, shipment may be held due to unusually hot or humid weather conditions, extreme cold,  or intervening holidays.  We use a heavy shipping box to protect the product.

Orders placed on this website cannot be cancelled!  Be certain that you actually want to receive your order before clicking 'buy' as there is no turning back!  Live delivery guaranteed to any commercial address through immediate refund or replacement of DOA shipment the following shipping week.

Sales to commercial concerns only.  We do not guarantee live delivery to any residential address.

To order by mail: All orders require payment in advance. PayPal® is an easy and secure method of payment. Otherwise, please mail a postal or bank money order for$49 (for a case of 50 containers of 24 worms), or $55 (for a case of 18 containers of 100 worms) along with shipping information, address and phone number to: Jeff Massis, 244 Bean Hill Road, Endicott, NY  13760. Please allow extra time for your letter to be received and your check to clear.

Genuine Jumbo® Mealworms are packed in larger, better quality cups than most of our competitors!

Case quantities are barcoded for inventory and receiving, and both counts ship in the same size box.

JumboŽ brand mealworms are packed in BLACK cups with CLEAR lids!JumboŽ brand mealworms are packed in CLEAR hinged-lid containers!

Jumbo® Mealworms utilizes premium 3.25 ounce cups with a clear lid for 24 count. 

For 100 count, Jumbo® Mealworms utilizes premium 8 ounce CLEAR cups with hinged lid, product label and barcode.  

The unique presentation makes the product stand out on your shelf, and adds to impulse sales.  The clear lid (on 24 count), and totally clear container (on 100 count) allows easy viewing of contents by the consumer. 

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